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Our History in International Management Consulting


International Business America (IBA) provides International Marketing & Management Advisory and Consulting Services to the Automotive, Information Technology and the IT Enabled Services industry. The founder of IBA, himself a business executive, has over 30 years of International Business experience in the Automotive, Automation and the Information Technology Industry and has worked with Multinational companies in India and the Asia Pacific region, Europe and the USA. Hands on experience includes locating business partners and setting up companies in the emerging countries in Asia. Business partners included large multinationals in the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Korea, China and India.

1989 – International Business America (IBA) was founded in Los Angeles, California to offer International Marketing and Management Advisory and Consulting Services to the US Automotive components industry to expand into India and the Asia Pacific Region.
Services included helping US firms to find partners:

  • Market their products
  • Manufacture under license
  • Establish Joint Ventures
  • Setup wholly owned subsidiaries

IBA’s experience and contacts established over many years in the region additionally helped US companies identify manufacturing firms to buy and out source parts and sub assemblies from India both for the OEM and the After Market segment.

Worldwide Services

1994 –Encouraged by the success of working for the US firms to establish in the Asia region IBA expanded their operations to provide similar services to the Automotive, Automation and Special Purpose Machine Tools companies in Europe including the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy and Australia. IBA’s consulting Board was further expanded to include CEO’s of large successful Multinational Companies each one a specialist in his/her field with International Business Management, Marketing and Operating experience in their country and other countries in the region. This enabled the clients of IBA to do business under the able guidance of the chosen country and industry specialists and helped them go global in the most cost effective and result oriented manner possible.

The Information Age

1996 – The active support and guidance of the Team Members of the Consulting Board, enabled IBA to service the needs of their clients in all the important regions of the planet in the field of Automotive, Machine Tools and Automation Industry. Having the network of excellent contacts in various industry together with the immediate in country presence IBA was most strategically placed to serve the marketing needs of the fast growing Information Technology(IT) and the IT enabled services Industry and decided to expand into this field.


Today IBA serves as International Marketing and Management advisors and business development representatives to do business in India and the Asia Pacific Region in the following industries


Companies in the following countries are represented by IBA

  • USA
  • UK


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