Frequently Asked Questions


software marketing services

Can IBA help Information Technology companies find markets for their software services?

Yes, IBA represents software companies and has helped them break into developed countries and markets.

We have helped large software houses to market their software services into very demanding and sophisticated foreign markets.

IBA Members of the Board enjoy the confidence of large companies in their country and have been doing business with them for many years. They have an excellent reputation and have the right contacts with the buyers that may be interested in projects where software services are required.

When a software company wishes to do business in a specific country, IBA will first take the opportunity of evaluating the software company to ensure IBA that the company has the right infrastructure and ability required to do business in a foreign country and that he in turn can convince the buyer. The buyer relies on the IBA members assessment and findings.

The software company is then invited to make a presentation to the buyers. Once this is a success, a trial order is placed on the company. When this is executed to the buyers complete satisfaction they are than qualified to bid for larger orders.

On this basis IBA has helped companies in India market their services to countries including the US, UK, Germany and Japan.

Can IBA help companies interested in marketing their products and services to the IT Enabled Services Industries?

Yes, IBA is a business development advisor to companies in the US and the Europe and helps market to the CRM and the back office services and specifically to the IT enabled services market in India.


automotive joint ventures

We are a UK company we have an Auto part that we want to source from India or Korea. Can IBA help?

Yes, we have excellent contacts in the Automotive Industry. Once we have the required information, specifications, and drawings, along with the active involvement of our Board Members who are specialists in that country, we will look for companies in India and Korea.

We are an Italian company manufacturing brake shoes and parts and are OE to the large European car manufacturers. We would like to explore the best way to establish our business in India. Can you help?
Yes we have a strong Automotive Industry Background and have helped many part manufacturers establish in India.

Please send us your information package of the company/products. Please also let us have a list of your principal clients that are OE and the countries that you are currently exporting. We will get back to you with our proposal immediately thereafter.


We are a US company, and we want to sell our tool holding devices in India and in the neighboring countries. Can you help?
Yes, we have helped Machine Tool companies to establish in India and have excellent contacts in the industry.

Please send us your product/company information package. Also please let us know who your major competitors are.


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