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About International Business America

International Business America (IBA) offers international business consulting services in Automotive, Automation and Information Technology. Our board consists of a vast network of consultants from all around the world who provide the leads to the right partners and business.

IBA’s Mission

IBA is a customer driven organization and it is our objective to continually improve our company and its services to meet our clients’ needs.

Quality is paramount. To achieve client/customer satisfaction, the quality of our work and services must be our number one priority.

People Participation is the key to our organization. People are the main source of our strength, and participation is vital to our team process. Our network of team players from various countries worldwide provides our corporate intelligence and determines our vitality.

Integrity must never be compromised. The conduct of our company worldwide must be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity and positive contributions to society.

Continuous Improvement is essential to our success. We must strive for excellence in everything we do – be it in in our services, our human relations or our competitiveness.

What are IBA’s qualifications for doing International Business?

The Members of the IBA Board together have over 250 years of International Business experience.

They consist of current and former CEO’s of Multinationals living and managing companies in various countries including the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, China and India. Business Contacts in the target country help expedite the process of setting business and ensure compliance to in-country regulations.

IBA has a presence around the world.

IBA has a proven track record of doing business in their area of specialization between different countries. Please look at our partial list of Clients.

IBA Board of Consultants With Country-Specific Experience and Contacts

IBA Founder, Chairman and CEO

United States & India

N. Sudhakar


Founder, Chairman & CEO,
International Business America, TX, USA.
Global Market Development & Technology Transfer Services to the Automotive and Aerospace Industry.

Managing Director of India & South East Region,
Kenmar Corporation, Southfield, MI, USA.
Full service Sales & OEM Marketing organization to the Automotive industry in North America with offices around the globe.


Chairman & Managing Director,
International Instruments Ltd, Bangalore India.
Joint Venture manufacture with VDO Germany – Electronics, Electrics and Mechatronics for the Automotive and Aerospace Industry. Now Continental AG. Germany.
Manufacturing Licenses with Nippon Denso, Japan and Nippon Seiki, Japan for Automotive instruments for passenger cars and motorcycles.

Managing Director International,
Powers Design International, CA, USA.
Industrial & Automotive Design company.

Managing Director India & the Near East,
Hunter Douglas BV, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Commercial & Architectural Products.

Managing Director Overseas Operations,
Autodie Corporation, Grand Rapids, MI, USA.
Complex dies and Molds for the Automotive Industry.

Director India Region,
Pierburg AG, Bonn, Germany.
Engine Management products, Engine enveloping and advanced Pump Technology.

Director India,
Bundesdruckerei International , GmbH, Berlin, Germany.
High Security Technology Solutions and Products.

Advisor India,
FESTO Didactics, Stuttgart, Germany.
Pneumatic and Electric Automation Technology.

Director Business Development,
Audiosoft Ltd, United Kingdom.
Data Recording and Analysis solutions.

Cranham Haig Ltd, Cheltenham, United Kingdom.
IT solutions for State Managed Corporations.

Management Services and Representation of

    • Information Technology Industry
    • IT Enabled Services Industry
    • Automotive Industry
    • Automation industry

IBA International Business Consultants

United States of America


Deputy Executive Director,
Los Angeles World Airports.


White House Command Pilot to
The President of America.
Brigadier General,
US Marine Corps.
Commissioner Orange County Airport,
Land Use Commission, USA.
Urban Light Rail Agency, CA, USA.
Specialize in Rail Transit Systems.


Powers Design International, CA.

Equus Power International, USA.
Offers extensive experience in all aspects of Industrial Design. PDI specializes in Automotive, Vehicle, Aerospace, and Consumer Product Design. Services include engineering, master tooling, molds, running prototypes, manufacturing set-up, jigs & fixtures, as well as initial production runs of vehicles and products. PDI also offer a consulting service and training of personnel.
Engineering capabilities include full scale engineering development via a complete computer aided engineering department.
PDI Clients include GM, Ford, Chrysler,Freightliner Corp, Kenworth Truck Co.,Boeing( Military Aircraft), McDonnell Douglas (Space Station For U.S.A).


tanuja mahdavi digital marketing consultant
Digital Marketing Consultant & Owner,
Gold Mango Design LLC, Plano, TX

Digital Marketing Consultant and Owner of Gold Mango Design LLC, a digital marketing company located in Plano, TX near Dallas. Extensive experience in digital marketing, information technology and telecom engineering. Gold Mango Design LLC. specializes in professional web design, web development and digital marketing services. We help businesses build a strong online brand with professional websites and digital marketing services.

Digital Marketing Specialties:
• Professional Mobile-Friendly & Responsive Website Design & Development
• WordPress Website Development
• SEO (search engine optimization) Marketing
• Google Ads Pay-Per-Click Marketing
• Digital Marketing Consulting

Visit our website at – Gold Mango Design for more information.

United Kingdom


Chairman, Bridgeworks Ltd, UK.
Specialists in data acceleration over long distance, high speed data replication and retrieval over long distance.

Chairman, Cranham Haig Ltd, UK.
Document and e-Mail Management systems.


Chairman, Digital Interfaces Ltd., UK.
Fiberchannel Interface Technology.
Chairman, e2 Train Ltd, UK.
Training Systems delivered over the Net.
Chairman, Severn Sound Ltd, UK.
UK radio station.
Chairman & Co- Founder of Shuttle Technology Group acquired in 1998 by SCM Microsystems Inc.
Specialize in advising companies in high technology areas in doing business in the UK and other countries.
Has additionally experience of setting up subsidiaries in Germany, USA, India and representative office in Taiwan.



International Business Consultant.


President Director,
P.T. Nihon Plast Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.
General Manager, Okura & Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan.

Advisor in Japan to:
formerly Eximsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
Mobile telephone, IC card ERP software consultant.

Aptech Ltd, Mumbai.
Education – IT school and e-learning.

PROSIM, Bangalore.
Computer simulation for Forging, Casting.

Digital Culture Technologies, Japan.
Library Software.

Advisory Services to large overseas Software Companies to setup and do business in Japan.
Services include Management and Technical Staff Selection, help find suitable office premises
Assist Branch Manager in Japan of the overseas company in the management and promotion of business.
Help Japanese companies find partners and do business overseas.


S.W. Han

President Song Won Corporation,
Seoul, Korea.


General Manager
S.K. Group, Seoul, Korea.
One of Koreas Largest Global Trading Companies.
Advisory Services and Representation of overseas companies to do business in Korea and Korean companies to do business Overseas. Currently exporting to the US, Japan, China and South Africa Parts for the Automotive, Machine tool & Electronic industry including home audio speakers to Radio Shack, USA. OE supplier to the Korean Automotive Industry.



ASM/Beijing Yashain Info.Tech Ltd,
ASM Overseas Corporation, USA,
With offices in Beijing & Shanghai in China
Management consultancy and Advisory services to overseas companies including travel to and in China, do business in China, and to setup JV’s for various industries including for Software Companies. Also helps Chinese companies to do business overseas.


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