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International Business Consulting: Automotive, Automation and Information Technology

Bridging American Companies With The World

International Business America (IBA) is an international business consulting firm that helps businesses around the world expand into international markets through joint ventures, licensing deals and outsourcing.

IBA works as the bridge of business development across the seas and has helped establish International Business for several of their clients worldwide.

IBA and our affiliates around the globe have extensive experience in International Business. Most importantly, our expertise is a result of hands-on knowledge and experience gained working with Fortune 500 like companies. Our clients find us to be an invaluable asset in their efforts to set up their International Business operations.

To maintain a high rate of growth and profitability in today’s world, you need to innovate and go global to expand and survive the fierce competition. International Business is what helps you expand speedily and get the high profile global presence. We in International Business America can be your roadmap to success and we have the right qualifications to back you up in your effort.

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